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EHSData Video IntroductionClick here to view our productsOur MCERTS Certified Monitor-Pro systems are the most functional, flexible and intuitive Sustainability, Health and Environmental Monitoring Data Management Systems available.
They can manage almost any routine monitoring data and help environmental professionals in many industries worldwide to validate, analyse and report on an array of data - securely with full audit trails.
August 18 2014
EHS Data is proud to announce that Impetus Waste has decided to use Monitor-Pro to manage ...
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June 24 2014
EHS Data are delighted to announce we are now working with Wolf Minerals at their Hemerd...
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June 18 2014
  EHS Data are proud to be working with Magnox at their site in Bradwell. Magnox, ...
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June 03 2014
  Being the first EHS data management software to achieve MCER...
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April 14 2014
  Working with Kinross EHS Data are delighted to be working with the Kinross tea...
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March 12 2014
EHS Data welcomes the return of Implementation Consultant Alex McBurnie from his recent trip s...
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February 27 2014
We are pleased to announce the release of version 5.8.15 of MP-5 and MP-Web. This versi...
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February 19 2014
Our first newsletter of 2014 has landed detailling many of our activites over the last few mon...
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January 17 2014
We are proud to announce the completion of Centerra Gold's implementation of a Monitor Pro E...
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December 11 2013
We are pleased to announce a new dedicated resource for our Latino America client base.  ...
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December 02 2013
EHS Data are delighted to announce that Matt Birch has joined the team in the role of Business...
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Logo of MCerts showing EHSData is certified by the monitoring certification scheme
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Environmental Data Management Software

EHS Data Ltd specialise in Environmental Data Management Software and systems and can complete any environmental compliance, environmental reporting or data management required. Comprehensive and flexible environmental software for environmental data management used for environmental compliance, environmental reporting and general data management. The environmental software provided by EHS Data has some of the following benefits:

• Leading EHS environmental data management software - MCERTS accredited
• Proven Implementations in a variety of Industries
• Implementation and on-going support plus consultancy services
• Extensive experience and global reputation
• A range of solutions from monthly rental to corporate enterprise

Flexible and powerful environmental data management software

Environmental Software Family

Monitor-Pro Systems manage a whole spectrum of EHS Data from Environmental Monitoring to Sustainability, Occupational Health, Incidents, Audits, Complaints and Training Records.

Solutions - Not just environmental software

EHS Data provides much more than just environmental software; offering a full service to create your system, and to keep it running smoothly. Services include database creation, legacy data transfers and custom report design, as well as on site or internet-based training and bespoke development. Pride is taken in excellent quality support which ranges from helpdesk, to system upgrades, maintenance and administration, plus database hosting options. Developers are experienced in the specific fields of EHS environmental data management, from groundwater management to contaminated landfill data management, mining and general industrial site monitoring.

Global Reputation in environmental software

With over 15 years' experience providing EHS environmental data management systems and a thousand sites worldwide; from single site installations to large multi-site corporate applications, EHS Data Ltd has firmly established itself as a leader in this field. This is the reason why some of the world's most trusted brands have chosen EHS Data as their Environment, Health and Safety Data solutions provider.

EHS Data have developed a core platform for their environmental data management software called Monitor-Pro. Its abilities have been proven worldwide across a wide spectrum of industries. There are several products under the Monitor-Pro banner which can be used together to provide a complete or individual solution depending on budget. Monitor-Pro 5 (MP-5), MP-Web, MP-Field, MP-Express and MP-Link are all designed for managing numerical monitoring data and then Monitor-Pro IMS is for managing incident and audit, complaint, feedback and training records. EHS Data also have a strong track record of delivering bespoke EHS software solutions. Additionally providing environmental software such as the UK Environment Agency Portal, a direct window to an operator's data, replacing regulatory reporting.

Some facts about the environmental software

• Monitor-Pro 5 is used by more mining companies worldwide than any other environmental data management system.
• The vast majority of UK landfill operators use our systems for landfill data management
• There are nearly 1,000 sites and users of Monitor-Pro as an environmental data management system
• Monitor-Pro 5 is fully certified by the UK Environment Agency's rigorous quality standard for environmental data management software, MCERTS.

MCERTS Accreditation

MCERTS goes two steps further than other quality standards such as ISO9001 because it includes assessments of environmental software coding standards and procedures, as well as an assessment of functionality and data integrity rules specific to managing environmental monitoring data. Monitor-Pro 5 was the first generic monitoring data management system or generic environmental data management software to attain the standard.


Environmental Software Accreditation

Monitor-Pro 5 is functional, flexible and intuitive environmental data management software that specialises in managing numerical monitoring data from an environmental, compliance or sustainability perspective. It is a comprehensive environmental data management system. Rich in functionality, it is used by technical and administrative personnel for reporting and data management. It manages the whole data lifecycle and enables the collation of data and reporting requirements to meet statutory and regulatory standards e.g. Permits, Licences, NPI, NGERS, ISO 14001 and GRI.

MP-5 - the complete environmental monitoring software

Managing significant volumes of environmental monitoring data can be very costly and time consuming; using MP-5 can reduce both of these outputs. Some of the most time consuming aspects of environmental monitoring data management are detailed below:

Environmental monitoring data entry

It is not uncommon for readings to still be manually typed into homemade databases. MP-5 environmental monitoring software has a manual data entry facility of course, but the vast majority of data is automatically imported from files, databases or emails.

Validation and compliance checking of environmental monitoring data

Checking through files of data looking for anomalies, problems, trends or compliance breaches is not only time consuming but very unreliable.

The environmental monitoring software fully validates all incoming environmental monitoring data, automatically alerting the appropriate people only when validation or compliance issues need attention.

Managing monitoring schedules, working out what should be monitored and when, and then resolving issues if any expected environmental monitoring data is missing takes time and effort for any worker.

The environmental monitoring software tool "Monitoring Scheduler" knows what monitoring is due, and can alert before it is due to be monitored, and also after if the environmental monitoring data is not received when expected.

Generation of summaries, environmental monitoring data KPIs and environmental reports

Once the environmental monitoring data has been collected and validated, information and reports are derived from it. Manually collating, calculating and reporting environmental monitoring data can take days, weeks, even months.

The environmental monitoring software automatically calculates summaries and KPIs as monitoring data arrives (and also generates alerts if these in turn exceed any compliance or breach limits). Environmental monitoring data retrieval and interpretation are easy and fast.  Pre-formatted, regulatory and other reports can be plugged in, and either run via a simple double click, or even scheduled to be delivered as a .pdf attachment to an email distribution list.

The environmental monitoring software's automatic data validation vastly improves environmental monitoring data quality and compliance awareness, while saving large amounts of time.

All environmental monitoring data entered into the central environmental monitoring software's database is automatically quality checked, greatly reducing the scope for human error.  It is validated for integrity and compliance checks, whether automatically imported, manually entered or calculated in the database.

Environmental monitoring data checked for the following:

  • Impossible readings
  • Unlikely readings based on historical trends
  • Wrong spelling
  • Invalid dates
  • Old dates and future dates
  • Environmental monitoring data over compliance or warning levels
  • '<' values and other text

Compliance means understanding company performance compared to internal or external targets. These could have a bearing on corporate reputation, relationship with regulators and other stakeholders and health and safety of employees.

Types of limits and targets for environmental monitoring data

Limits and targets could derive from:

  • Environmental permits to operate
  • National standards, (e.g. drinking and groundwater standards, red list, ANZECC)
  • Internal processes for continuous improvement of environmental performance
  • Sustainability or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) processes
  • Health and safety data levels (e.g. heavy metal blood concentrations related to heavy metal contamination of airborne dust.)

Flexibility of the environmental monitoring software

Environmental monitoring software Users can set compliance limits and targets for:

  • Any environmental monitoring dataset (e.g. concentrations for any variable in groundwater).
  • Any variable calculated in the data management system (e.g. metal loading to receiving water course calculated from concentration and flow).
  • Any KPI in a sustainability process (e.g. CO2 produced per tonne of product expressed per site, business unit or corporately. These data are automatically calculated from environmental monitoring data on electricity use (Kwh), diesel used (litre) for example.
  • Warning levels (e.g. 80% of environmental compliance level) to forewarn that breach levels are being approached.
  • Targets created based on previous performance to show improvement (e.g. average plus 2 standard deviations over last three years for any historically managed environmental monitoring data set).
  • User-defined warnings can also include statistically unusual 'outlier' environmental monitoring data (e.g. 'average + 3 std. deviations' or 'max + 25%').

Information about environmental monitoring software

  • Breaches are notified to users via email following automated import, or on-screen if manual environmental monitoring data entry is used.
  • Notifications can be configured so that only relevant people are alerted to certain environmental monitoring alert types.
  • Regular compliance summary reports can be automatically generated and sent as .pdf attachments to email distribution lists.
  • Graphs, tables and multilingual reports generated subsequently can display this ehs data.

Integrity of environmental monitoring data

Limits and targets can change over time.  Audit trails and historical environmental monitoring data integrity is retained.

  • Users have unique, secure logins with a choice of dedicated login or Windows Authentication
  • Different user levels have different permissions
  • Audit trails provided for created, edited and deleted records
  • Recycle bin for deleted items and environmental monitoring data.  Recycle bin cannot be emptied by users
  • On central server systems, environmental monitoring data is almost without exception routinely and automatically backed up

Features of MP-5 environmental monitoring software

  • Powerful, built-in interpretation tools turn environmental monitoring data easily into information, without the need to learn sometimes complex third party software.
  • Report production for environmental health and safety data
  • Rapid compliance, regulatory, KPI and internal report production in many formats, e.g. .pdf, word, XLS, HTML.
  • Graphing tools to display ehs data
  • Built-in mapping module, MP-Enterprise's environmental monitoring software Professional and Premium versions have this tool.
  • External GIS (MapInfo link). Environmental monitoring data can be exported to MapInfo, and opens it to display monitoring locations and variable concentrations.
  • Link with ESRI and other GIS Systems.
  • Contour plots of ehs data.
  • Environmental monitoring software has a built-in report generation engine.
  • A selection of report templates is provided.  However every organisation's environmental reporting requirements are different.

Automatic import of environmental monitoring data

  • Imports files placed in a folder
  • Extracts and imports environmental monitoring data from emails
  • Scheduled 'pull' of environmental monitoring data from external data management databases

Email alert system in the environmental monitoring software

Email alerts are an extension to the Auto Importer.  They automatically and immediately notify mailing lists of events arising from imports such as invalid environmental monitoring data files, compliance breaches, health and safety issues and items requiring resolution or objects having been created by the importer.

Email alerts are designed to be selective.  Examples:

  • Alert your laboratory if they send you an invalid file, but not when you have compliance alerts.
  • Staff managing dust data need not receive alerts for groundwater data
  • Email site managers alerts only for their particular site.

Monitoring Scheduler

  • Alerts when monitoring is due
  • Alerts when environmental monitoring data is not received

The Monitoring Scheduler makes environmental monitoring software not only aware of the environmental monitoring data that has been received, but also aware of environmental monitoring data that is due to be collected, and subsequently what environmental monitoring data is missing.

The environmental monitoring system pro-actively sends reminders and warnings to users according to environmental monitoring data status and settings.  Once schedules are created, they auto-generate visits. Visits require certain locations to be visited, and variables be measured.  When the environmental monitoring data arrives into the database, it is marked against the visit, and percentage complete updated.  A traffic light style management interface gives a quick overview of monitoring that is outstanding or completed.

Task scheduler in the environmental monitoring software

  • Sends regular reports to mailing lists
  • Emails or places files in folders
  • Updates Intranet or web pages with HTML reports containing tables, graphs, charts, KPI's etc.

Severn Trent Laboratories (STS) introduce automated process for scheduling analysis from the environmental monitoring software monitoring scheduler

As part of their Environmental Permitting obligations, Viridor, one of the UK's leading waste management companies, send over 10,000 samples a year to STS for environmental analysis. To speed up the analytical process, STL use a pre-registration system to record the testing requirements of each of Viridor's sites, before samples arrive at the laboratory. Previously, this environmental monitoring data was entered into STS's management systems manually, a lengthy task that inevitably led to environmental monitoring data entry errors. Any incorrectly entered environmental monitoring data would delay the environmental reporting of analysis to Viridor, who require a timely and consistent environmental monitoring data service to meet Environment Agency deadlines for submitting analytical results.

By working with Viridor and their database provider, EHS Data, STS have been able to develop an automated system that allows all of Viridor's analytical requirements to be electronically transferred between Viridor and STS's systems. By automating the process, STS have been able to eliminate environmental monitoring data entry errors and the associated delays in environmental reporting analytical results, as well as increasing the reliability of the services Viridor receive. EHS Data now offer this upgrade to all software users, which will allow other STS customers using Monitor-Pro to benefit from the same automation of their analytical scheduling.

Viridor uses environmental monitoring software

All sites and services are operated under the company's business management system incorporating ISO14001 (Environmental Management), ISO9001 (Quality Management) and OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety) standards, and formally accredited by BSI.  These are the highest recognised international standards, ensuring continuous improvement in these key areas and providing assurance to customers and communities alike.

Using a centralised environmental monitoring data management system enables sharing of information in a multi-user environment, both on local and wide area networks (LAN/WAN).  Unlike spread sheets and many homemade databases, access is controlled and auditable.

The environmental monitoring software is designed to operate over both local and wide area networks. MP-Web runs through a web browser and is also designed for environmental data management over remote connections.

Use of environmental monitoring software over a reasonable WAN is perfectly acceptable because it summarises environmental monitoring data on the server tier by default and there the client receives only the required information. WAN use is the modus operandi for a significant proportion of our installations.

For many operations, speed over a dedicated 256 kbps WAN will be only marginally different from a LAN.  Even on shared lines with lower bandwidth environmental monitoring software will usually perform perfectly satisfactorily.

The environmental data monitoring system is also compatible with Citrix and Remote Desktop.  Environmental monitoring software manages the entire monitoring data management workflow, from cradle to grave. It is a complete Environmental Monitoring Data Management System for all types of EHS data out of the box, no additional modules required.

Environmental monitoring software is an installed client/server product, and has the advantages of being highly interactive and responsive, with complete and rich functionality built in.  As such it is used primarily by technical staff and administrators. For our lighter browser application, see MP-Web.

Uses of MP-5 ehs data management system:

  • environmental monitoring software can manage environmental monitoring data across multiple sites in a single database, or optionally can have a database per site, with separate corporate database for managing KPI's from site summary level environmental monitoring data
  • MP-5 is capable of managing many millions of environmental monitoring readings in a single database.
  • Environmental monitoring data summary system to automatically summarise real time or high volume environmental monitoring data
  • Accepts various environmental monitoring data and number formats.
  • Advanced and automatic environmental monitoring data verification based on both historical trends, internal and compliance levels.

Quality for the environmental monitoring software

  • MCERTS Certified.  UK Environment Agency scheme to certify systems for managing environmental monitoring data.  Far more stringent than ISO9001 and is specifically developed for environmental monitoring.
  • Full audit trails retained of all data management actions.  Recycle bin for deleted items
  • Login security for environmental monitoring software Users
  • Compliance management system uses 5 dimensional grids of variables, sample points, upper and lower levels, changing levels over time and also different types of level (e.g. warning, compliance etc.) for ehs data
  • Email alerts for environmental monitoring data validation issues
  • Less than detection limit (<) values fully handled

Time saving and workflow management through the environmental monitoring software

  • Scheduled tasks for environmental reporting, updating web sites, sending environmental monitoring data files
  • Email file extraction tool to send for example laboratory environmental monitoring data files directly to the auto importer
  • Automatic importer from equipment such as loggers, weather stations etc.
  • Management of monitoring schedules with alerts when environmental monitoring data is missing (including automatic calculation of costs)
  • Calculator module with comprehensive features to calculate for example KPI's, water levels and loading of contaminants automatically (also with alerts should the resultant calculated values exceed any warnings or limits) for all environmental monitoring data
  • Stream gauging module built in to assist with loading calculations
  • Graphing built in with direct export also to Excel to aid environmental data management
  • Powerful and user customisable environmental reporting engine

Outputs produced by the environmental monitoring software

  • User-defined reports to Word, pdf, HTML
  • Export environmental monitoring data files to .csv, Excel
  • Export graphs to Excel

Interpretation tools in the environmental monitoring software

  • Graphing, true time series, wind rose, cyclic, variable vs. variable
  • Built in easy to use GIS system
  • Built in contouring module (links to Surfer)
  • MapInfo Link
  • ArcGIS 'hook'

MP-Web - The online environmental data management software

MP-Web is easy to use, online environmental data management software which quickly and easily finds environmental data, compiles environmental reports, graphs and maps plus provides environmental data entry, with no installation or training required. It presents and interacts with environmental data that is stored in central Monitor-Pro Enterprise environmental databases.


View environmental monitoring data from any connected device, as MP-Web operates as online environmental data management software so no installation required. Interrogate, present and report environmental, health and safety monitoring data easily with minimum training required. Predefined environmental monitoring data sets make finding environmental data very fast and simple thanks to the online environmental data management software.

Users can easily filter environmental monitoring data which enables them to focus on specific issues and administrators can define precisely who can view which specific environmental monitoring or health and safety data sets.

Features and functionality

  • Predefined environmental data sets against users
  • Dashboard with summary information on environmental monitoring data, sampling information, dynamic date range graphing to get the most from the online environmental data management software
  • The environmental data management software has the ability to filter the environmental data set to only view relevant selections of environmental monitoring data.
  • Ehs data tables with compliance issues highlighted, grid and list views
  • Ehs data exports to excel direct from the online environmental data management software.
  • Interactive graphing with multiple options on the series plotted, multivariate or univariate etc. from environmental monitoring data
  • The online environmental data management software has Mapping options embedded to display environmental data (exports to Google Maps and Google Earth)
  • Environmental, health and safety data reports (user-configured and off-the-shelf), will export to Word and pdf.
  • Manual environmental data entry (if authorised) allows for environmental data to be added directly into the online environmental data management software
  • Auto uploads of environmental monitoring data to the online environmental data management software
  • Fully internationalised so the online environmental data management software can be used worldwide in any language required
  • Master template can be designed to match corporate branding
  • EHS Data offer hosting or hosted options for the online environmental data management software

MP-Field - Environmental field data entry

MP-Field is for environmental field data entry.  It synchronises with the monitoring scheduler offering full flexibility and is not hard-wired to any pre-set suites.  Environmental monitoring field data can be entered even when offline, and synced back to the server when a signal is available. MP-Field operates on multi-platforms, and so the environmental monitoring data management software will work equally well on iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile etc.

Environmental Software Field Data


  • Multi user, a check-out/check-in process for visits on the environmental field data entry, allows multiple users to work on monitoring schedules on their own MP-Field environmental field data entry devices.
  • MP-Field environmental field data entry devices benefits from user friendly date and time selectors, ensuring environmental field data is entered correctly.
  • MP-Field environmental field data entry devices work offline.  It doesn't require a network connection while entering environmental field data, and therefore the environmental monitoring software's field data entry devices can be used in remote locations.

Features and functionality

  • Records location (co-ordinates) when entering the environmental field data (on MP-Field environmental field data entry devices that support location)
  • Works on all popular smartphone, tablet, and desktop platforms leading anything with an internet signal as a potential MP-Field environmental field data entry device.
  • Works with the MP-5 Monitoring Scheduler to identify what environmental field data is to be collected by the MP-Field environmental field data entry devices.
  • Users receive reminder alerts for environmental field data entry requirements.
  • Users can review the environmental field data and percentage complete at any time on their MP-Field environmental field data entry devices.

MP- Link - additional environmental monitoring software

MP-Link operates as an add-in to Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Once installed and configured, MP-Link will scan all incoming email based on user defined 'rules'. It will take attachments from emails which pass these rules and automatically place them in user defined folders. With MP-5 the comprehensive data monitoring software set to auto import from these folders the process of receiving and importing routine environmental data obtained via email can be completely automated.

The rule system is very flexible and enables the user to configure the automatic management of a number of different environmental data types from a number of different environmental data providers. Ensuring each import file is automatically moved to the correct import folder for seamless environmental monitoring data importing via MP-5 the comprehensive data monitoring software.


  • Saves time and hassle of sorting through emails to find environmental data
  • Increases quality check to ensure environmental data is imported correctly
  • Send environmental data directly to the environmental monitoring software database

Features and functionality

  • Fully automated service
  • Flexible user defined rules
  • Send attachments with environmental data files
  • Attachments can be embedded and linked to environmental monitoring data

MP-Express - the free environmental database management system

MP-Express offers clients an introduction to environmental data monitoring without the cost of an enterprise system.

As a hosted, web-based free environmental database management system, it allows for a basic introduction into the management of environmental data in a simple and easy to use way. The programme is offered in several plans based around environmental data points, allowing for users to get to grips with and build a simple system without worry about costs. Several plans are offered to accommodate larger monthly environmental monitoring data flows.

The web based system allows for multiple users to be added to the environmental data management system, to monitor sample points and review results. MP-Express can be used as a stepping stone between spread sheets and a comprehensive environmental data management system allowing clients to advance at their own pace.

  • View monitoring environmental data from any connected device, online environmental monitoring software so no installation required
  • Interrogate, present and report environmental monitoring data easily
  • Predefined ehs data sets make finding environmental monitoring data very fast and simple
  • Users can easily filter ehs data which enables them to focus on specific issues
  • Administrators can define precisely who can view which environmental monitoring data sets
  • Environmental monitoring information can be viewed in multiple languages from a single central system of environmental monitoring software

Environmental Software Free System Data Sets

Features and functionality:

  • Predefined environmental monitoring data sets against users
  • Dashboard with summary information of all ehs data
  • Environmental data filtering
  • Environmental monitoring data tables with compliance issues highlighted, grid and list views
  • Environmental monitoring data exports
  • Maps of environmental monitoring sample points (exports to Google Maps and Google Earth)
  • Reports of ehs data (user-configured and off-the-shelf), will export to Word and pdf
  • Manual environmental data entry (if authorised)
  • Auto upload of environmental monitoring data
  • Fully internationalised environmental monitoring software
  • Master template can be designed to match corporate branding
  • Hosting system for the environmental monitoring software

EHS Information Managment System

Monitor-Pro EHS Information Management System is an integrated browser-based EHS Information Management System. It manages incidents, audits and other key event information. It is especially invaluable at sites where the regulatory regime requires rapid reporting of environmental and other monitored incidents (for example Health and Safety).

Benefits and Features

Multi-User, Shared EHS Information Management System

EHS Information Management System is delivered through a web browser, and can be available on internal and external networks without installation requirements.

Specific roles can be configured in the EHS Information Management System, and multiple users can work together on an incident under a particular role.

Each role can be configured to different statuses against the incident, allowing each role to categorise and mark each incident (for instance marking incidents as processed, to investigate, to close etc)

Reminders and Escalations

When an incident is raised, users may be given actions to complete before the incident can be closed.

Should the users be slow or not complete their actions by the deadline, reminder emails will be sent before the deadline, and if the deadline is missed emails will be sent to the user and their line manager.

EHS Information Management System supports a flexible escalation workflow; managers can choose to receive notification for new or edited incidents should they match particular characteristics.

In the event of a compliance or permit breach, when used in conjunction with MP-5, not only are users alerted via email, but an option is provided to raise the issue as an incident and automatically populate regulatory notification form(s) for submittal and tracking within EHS Information Management System.

Security and Traceability

EHS Information Management System keeps your data secure. Users' logins are matched to permissions. Audit trails created for all changes to data and key objects.


All incident and audit data are in one place, with an intuitive interface. Attach documents and files to incidents. Email Alerts can be set up notifying of import data events (failure, alarms, etc.) for all ehs data.


Manages the full incident and audit workflow, from creation to alerts and warnings, escalation, close out and reporting of environmental compliance and health and safety data.

Data Select and Filter

EHS Information System Management is an intelligent system for combining multiple types of incident into a single record. For example an accident which also is a reportable incident. This is managed through a simple tick-box interface on opening the incident.

Incident Module

Accident and Injuries - health and safety data

  • Logs and manages a broad range of accident and injury types, e.g. road traffic accidents, personal injury including related information such as personal loss, lost time. Incidents can be categorised according to regional legislation, e.g. RIDDOR.

Environmental Incidents or Breaches

  • Spills, leaks, pollution incidents and other environmental compliance breaches.
  • EHS Information Management System can take monitoring data related incidents such as compliance breaches and link them with the environmental data management system MP-5.

Dangerous Occurrences

  • Recording of dangerous occurrences which do not result in injury, details of incident and circumstances, causes are identified and entered.

• For injuries lost time is recorded and the incident is flagged as reportable (if appropriate in accordance with RIDDOR)

• An action plan is put in place and tracked

• Once data is entered emails are sent with incident details to other relevant individuals (based on the category of the incident)

• For accident or injury, emails are automatically sent to Health and Safety Group to contribute

• Receipts of emails are defined by the administrator of the EHS Information Management System

• If changes are made to the incident details post submission then emails are sent to specified individuals to inform them. An audit trail of changes is maintained.

• Users are able to interrogate the monitoring data via searches and summary screens, this can be viewed to provide details of incident by type, date, region or site

• Bespoke reports can be prepared

Audit Module

Inspection/Audit Reports

  • Record the results of inspections/audits. Customised forms available. Regulatory inspection forms available include Internal Audits, External Audits, Environment Agency and Scottish EPA (SEPA) regulatory inspection reports and both internal and external prohibition notices.

Audit Non-Conformances

  • Non-conformances as a result of audits or inspections can be recorded and tracked, with responsibilities assigned for correction measures

Complaints/Feedback Module

Forms for recording feedback - both positive and negative (complaints)

Stakeholder Feedback Forms as web-based feedback forms with pre-populated fields to enable feedback from stakeholders, e.g. members of the public

Regulatory Notification Module

Some incidents are linked to statutory obligations. For example, one of the conditions of many of our customers' Environmental Permits is that (under Schedule 6) they need to report to the Environment Agency (the UK regulatory body) if there is a breach of a compliance threshold, or if an incident occurs which is likely to lead to a significant breach (e.g. a failure of environmental control equipment).

Notification forms

  • EHS Information Management System has the ability to raise forms for submission to external regulators, e.g. UK environmental permit breach 24h notification requirements.
  • EHS Information Management System links with MP-5 environmental monitoring software
  • EHS Information Management System links with MP-5's compliance system via email alerts, to pre-populate regulatory notification forms, facilitating rapid notification

EHS Information Management System Training Module

The training module helps managers to track the status of employee and contractor training. Training requirements are based on employee role and are set in the EHS Information Management System.